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Technology & Software Development and Enhancements

New developments and enhancements (including but not limited to changes to existing applications, changes to backoffice application, client requested customizations, client requested changes, new customizations etc) are completely owned by Tripsolver with exclusive rights. Tripsolver holds copyrights of its Technology & Software. Distribution of software and services to clients through licensing and SAAS(software as a service) model commercial structure. for any furthur question please contact account manager. also conviniently refer to Tripsolver terms and condition, tripsolver service agreements.

Tripsolver Inc reserves the right to reject services or cancel services in cases of third party distribution of Tripsolver software or overiding and copyrights and policies.

Tripsolver licensing and SAAS products will be hosted inhouse only on our dedicated cloud servers. Distribution or installing on clients servers or any other thirs party hosting servers is restricted. Tripsolver Inc reserves the rights to reject services or cancel services.

SAAS Technology Limitations: Technology limitations apply as per SAAS model software implementations. Limitations include services and options as available and cannot be altered or changed. Limitations apply to google analytics code, tracking codes, third party codes, images, icons etc. limitations apply to data/content displayed or inserted or added in standalone pages, dynamic content pages, back-office modules, server pages, web-services pages, Integrated online booking pages, service level coding pages, secure layer modules and others.

Contract Project Technology Limitations(non-SAAS model): Project limitations apply for content or data provided from third party services or providers. display code has limitations as per access with third party software services terms and rules.


Web portal/application: Tripsolver Inc application's are developed and licensed only for web application in web browsers only. Application or products delivered are not allowed to use with any third party tools or APK or conversion to an non-web formats. Tripsolver will not be supporting any queries which are not related to web portal/application.

Mobile apps or mobile apps conversion or mobile apps usage are not part of the web portal/web application contract or license. Tripsolver authorization is required to use applications in any platform other than web applications(web browsers). Tripsolver Inc reserves the right to reject services or cancel services in cases of violation of tripsolver software or overriding it copyrights and policies.

Web portal or application traffic: Tripsolver will bill or invoice clients for any or all web portal/application traffic based on usage reports from web traffic. client's should confirm with tripsolver prior to web traffic reaching any standard limits or as per contract traffic limits.

Mobile app - IOS and Android: Tripsolver Inc mobile apps are certified and published in apple IOS and Google play store. Tripsolver Inc mobile apps are certified and published with tripsolver inc approval only. any unauthorized or non-approval apps will not be supported or access will be discontinued.

Any type of conversion of web application into mobile apps(IOS and Android) are not allowed. Tripsolver Inc reserves the right to reject services or cancel services in cases of violation in using third party tools to convert web application into mobile apps. any conversion is termed as overriding tripsolver copyrights and policies.

Clients using third party developers for mobile apps: Tripsolver inc prior approval and authorization required for developing mobile apps based on any existing tripsolver software or code or services. Tripsolver will not be responsible for third party developer code or apps developed and distributed in mobile app stores. Third party developers using tripsolver mobile API should be certified before releasing app to mobile app stores. Mobile apps API traffic will be charged as per traffic limits in agreement.

Mobile app traffic: Tripsolver will bill or invoice clients for any or all mobile traffic based on usage reports from mobile app stores. client's should confirm with tripsolver prior to app store traffic reaching any standard limits or as per contract traffic limits.

Tripsolver software license privacy policy: Tripsolver reserves all copyrights and rights of the software distributed to clients. Tripsolver applications, installments, web apps, services and other distributed licenses cannot be recorded or stored in any format. application or services are not allowed to capture or demo to third parties, or upload to any private or public networks or any of the social networks. public networks include, etc. social networks include facebook, instagram, twitter, etc. Tripsolver Inc reserves the right to reject services or cancel services in cases of violation of tripsolver software license or overriding it copyrights and policies. Any use of the Services other than for their intended purposes is strictly prohibited and will terminate the rights of the user. Our consent for User to use our services and content is revocable at any time, with or without notice.


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All content, applications, websites, portals, software, API's, plugins, all other content will be tagged 'Powered by Tripsolver' copyright. 'Powered by' tagging may include both image and text formats. Tripsolver Inc reserves the right to reject services or cancel services in cases of violation of content 'Powered by' copyright and trademark display.


All of our packages, Installation fees and service fees are non-refundable. If you have purchased third party services and installed through Tripsolver then you may contact third party for refunds and cancellations. All such refunds are based on third party supplier’s rules and regulations. Our services fees associated with the third party installations or monthly subscriptions or yearly subscriptions are not refundable.

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