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Tripxol-Insta Platform*

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With Tripxol-Insta engine, get your site instantly and start booking!

  • Get it free - limited time offer

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Tripxol-Insta Online Agency Sites


  • Phone only fares booking engine
  • Quick Install and selling platform
  • No Transaction fees
  • Sell any fare with any discount you like
  • No GDS connection required


  • Free for limited time
  • Markup & Discount setup
  • Booking using Phone only fare(POF) code
  • Backoffice provided for tracking leads
  • Upgrade to Go and Pro plans anytime

With Tripxol-Insta platform, How it works

Step1 : Search Flights


Step 2: Search results with phone only fares markup and discount settings


Step 3: Multiple options to book

  • Using POF call agency and book your flight
  • Send email to book your flight
  • Request call back to book your flight

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