Travel Solutions

Agency applications including OTA, B2C, B2B, B2E, H2H, H2E and Back-office applications

Booking Engine Solutions

  • Advanced OTA solution
  • Agency B2C solution
  • Agency B2B solution with subagents login capability
  • Agency B2E solution with multiple agents login and parallel work capability
  • Host to Host Solution (H2H) - for Wholesalers, Retailers and Consolidators
  • White label travel applications
  • API/XML based solution for Agency/Third party consumers
tripsolver solutions


  • Manage your online shift easily with tripsolver advance modules and 360* booking management modules
  • Snapshot analysis help site usage analysis and marketing analysis
  • Login Modules with GDS contractual fares and other restricted fares
  • Low cost carriers(LCC) fares available from providers using web services
  • Additional PCC integration for airline availability and fares availability
  • Flexible dates integration(+3/-3) with calendar display
  • Verified Customer Identity(VCI) - confirms customer information and validates identity and contact enrichment.
  • Verified Booking Transaction(VBT) - Transaction verification score with risk analysis. Allows agencies to take better decisions
  • Integrated OTP Booking(IOB) - One time password based booking confirmation. Integrated with booking engine.
  • Transaction e-sign verification(eSignVerify) - credit card transaction verification with Docusign eSign.
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