Travel Solutions

Agency applications including OTA, B2C, B2B, B2E, H2H, H2E and Back-office applications

Booking Engine Solutions

  • Advanced OTA solution
  • Agency B2C solution
  • Agency B2B solution with subagents login capability
  • Agency B2E solution with multiple agents login and parallel work capability
  • Host to Host Solution (H2H) - for Wholesalers, Retailers and Consolidators
  • White label travel applications
  • API/XML based solution for Agency/Third party consumers
tripsolver solutions


  • Manage your online shift easily with tripsolver advance modules and 360* booking management modules
  • Snapshot analysis help site usage analysis and marketing analysis
  • Login Modules with GDS contractual fares and other restricted fares
  • Low cost carriers(LCC) fares available from providers using web services
  • Additional PCC integration for airline availability and fares availability
  • Flexible dates integration(+3/-3) with calendar display
  • Verified Customer Identity(VCI) - confirms customer information and validates identity and contact enrichment.
  • Verified Booking Transaction(VBT) - Transaction verification score with risk analysis. Allows agencies to take better decisions
  • Integrated OTP Booking(IOB) - One time password based booking confirmation. Integrated with booking engine.
  • Transaction e-sign verification(eSignVerify) - credit card transaction verification with Docusign eSign.

Custom Development

Custom integrations with third party and meta search engines

We consult with you and only develop application as per your needs and provide technical support for applications 24/7 365 days.

WIth Tripsolver you can achieve

  • Implement next zen technology and software solutions while taking you company to the next level.
  • Scale fast with better decisions and data insights. Improve efficiency, maximize your profits and sales with higher return on investment.
  • Automate many of your existing requirements. Make your human resource more productive or minimize resources.
  • Expand your reach with B2B and Host integrations. You provide and we develop technology to maximize revenues.
  • We understand your requirement and create new and adaptive technology.
  • Travel consultancy and advice is your key to become strategic technology partner.


We host your website on our 100% uptime cloud servers. 24/7/365 guaranteed uptime and performance.

Tripsolver will host your site on one of our cloud servers, configured with high performance elastic machines, supported by professional services 24/7 every day. Most importantly our servers are affordable to custom needs of our clients.

Our configurations has different setup for each client which allow us to architect performance and growth for your travel business. Microsoft Azure cloud virtual machines with high availability and load balancing technologies using MS SQL servers are used for each of our client solutions. High qualified professional services make sure your applications are secure and get instant support and services.

SSL Certificates
We have taken security as high priority. With SSL certificate, our clients ensure that all information on the website is encrypted between customer and the agency, and only allow authorized users to view the information.


Tripsolver helps our clients to make better decisions with our technology and travel domain consultancy.

We have extensive GDS experience managers to support and suggest specific travel products, strategy and solutions based on your needs and current structure of your company.


Tripsolver organize free webinars and demos for our clients so that they can be informed and learn about tripsolver booking engine and solutions.

Some of the few available webinars include

  • Advanced booking engine (Online and Offline)
  • Identity Management
  • Verified customer identity(VCI)
  • Verified booking transaction(VBT)
  • Fraud Management and How to avoid chargebacks
  • OTP booking process(IOB)

Tripsolver webinar schedule

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